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Chris Waltzek- 2.10.11 – GoldSeek Radio


Chris Waltzek Financial Talk Host: Radio Chris Waltzek is an industry anylist, best selling author and host of GoldSeek Radio. His publication “Spotlight Picks Newsletter” has over 2000 subscribers and the flagship periodical is approaching its 200th edition. This free service continues to outperform the major indexes and includes 3 stock picks with oversized dividend yields. 
Chris’s book, Wealth ...

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Andrew Schiff – 11.19.10 – How an Economy Grows


[podcast][/podcast]Andrew Schiff discusses free enterprise and his book: “How an Economy Grows and Why It Crashes“   Andrew Schiff Director of Communications & Marketing: Euro Pacific Capital Inc. Andrew Schiff is an expert media and marketing consultant and a veteran in the financial services industry. Over the course of his career, Andrew had consulted with numerous multi-billion dollar asset management firms ...

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Robert Murphy – 10.16.10 – Sound Money


[podcast][/podcast]Article: The Meaning of Gold in the News   Dr. Robert P. Murphy, Ph.D Founder: Free Advice Dr. Robert P. Murphy is Senior Fellow of Business & Economic Studies at Pacific Research Institute, Economist at the Institute for Energy Research and Adjunct Scholar at Ludwig Von Mises Institute. Dr. Murphy has authored the following: The Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism ...

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Paul Prentice – 9.10.10 – Currency and Culture


[podcast][/podcast]Dr. Paul Prentice discusses his presentation from the 2009 Austrian Scholars conference: The Link Between a Degenerating Currency and a Degenerating Culture Presentation PPT: The Link Between a Degenerating Currency and a Degenerating Culture Von Mises Audio Dr. Paul T. Prentice, Ph.D Founder/President: Pikes Peak Economics Dr. Prentice served as the Chief Macroeconomist at the U.S. Department of Agriculture under Presidents ...

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Abigail Doolittle – 8.9.10 – Gold & Deflation


Abigail discusses gold, deflation, hyperinflation and more. [podcast][/podcast] Article PDF – 8.6.10 – Why Today’s Deflation Won’t Kill Gold Market Analyst Founder/President: Peak Theories Research Contact: Abigail started Peak Theories Research LLC in May of 2009. Her more than 11 years of experience in the financial services industry includes money management, broad equity research, institutional equity sales, and investment ...

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David Freedom – 7.13.10 – Market Outlook

Screen Shot 2012-02-20 at 10.45.13 AM

[podcast][/podcast] Bonds, Dow Theory, The Dead Cross, Market Fundamentals & Gold

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Peter Kendall – 6.30.10 – Deflation & ElliottWave


[podcast][/podcast] ElliottWave Theory, Credit Collapse, Government Intervention, Deflation

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Gerald Celente – 5.29.10 – Too Big To Fail


[podcast][/podcast]Big Business, Big Government, Big Trouble

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Timothy P. Carney – 5.14.10 – Obamanomics

Obamanomics, Lobbyists, Big Business, Fascism [podcast][/podcast]

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Dr. Shawn Ritenour – 4.16.10 -Stimulus

[podcast][/podcast]When Stimulus Does Not Stimulate.

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Dr. Shawn Ritenour- 4.11.10 -Austrian Economics

[podcast][/podcast]What is Austrian Economics?

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Norvell Rose – 3.11.10 – Tea Party Movement

[podcast][/podcast]How significant is the Tea Party movement?

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Norvell Rose – 3.4.10 – Mainstream Media

Can you believe what you see on TV?

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H. Frank Kulp – 1.22.10 – Debt

[podcast][/podcast]How much is too much?

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