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Suddenly We Have Lots of Problems (John Rubino)

JarMarket john rubino 2

John Rubino–Suddenly We Have Lots Of Problems #3204

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Blood Moon Means Trouble For World Markets (Arch Crawford)

JarMarket arch crawford

Arch Crawford–Blood Moon Means Trouble For World Markets 08.Oct.14

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2014 Market Crash Update (Casey Report Team)

JarMarket random p

2014 Market Crash Update from The Casey Report Team – October 23, 2014

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Pre-Election FOMC Drama (Andy Hoffman)

jarmarket andy hoffman 1

Pre-Election FOMC Drama

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Gerald Celente on the National Intel Report

JarMarket celente 3

Gerald Celente – National Intel Report – October 21, 2014

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Going Off the Grid (Nick Rosen)

JarMarket random j

The Truth According to Nick Rosen from Off-Grid – Truthloader

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The Gold Market Is Turning (Ned Schmidt)

JarMarket ned schmidt

Ned Schmidt: The Gold Market Is Turning

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We Are Living in a False Reality (One Hour with Morris on Red Ice Radio: Parts 1 & 2)

JarMarket morris

Morris talks with Red Ice Radio for an hour, plus… Part 1 Part 2

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Cable News Propaganda (Amber Lyon & Joe Rogan)

jarmarket amber lyon

“Cable News Propaganda” with Amber Lyon (from Joe Rogan Experience #273)

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“Ebolaczar Buy It Now” (Gerald Celente)

JarMarket celente 1

Gerald Celente – Trends In The News – “Ebolaczar Buy It Now!” – (10/17/14)

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The Magical Deceit of the Real Flight to Quality (Rob Kirby)

JarMarket rob kirby

The Magical Deceit of the Real Flight to Quality with Rob Kirby

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Peter Schiff News and Commentary

JarMarket peter schiff 4

The Peter Schiff Show Podcast #7 (10/21/2014)

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Gold and Silver: The Wealth of the Rich and Nations

jar pastor dowell 2

Gold Silver The Wealth Of The Rich And Nations

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Farage: Thank you for confirming Cameron is the real fantasist, Mr Barroso

JarMarket Nigel Farage

Farage: Thank you for confirming Cameron is the real fantasist, Mr Barroso

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Fed Emergency: Fabricated Recovery Is Stalling (Mike Maloney)

JarMarket mike maloney 2

Fed Emergency – Fabricated Recovery Is Stalling

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Andrew Hoffman: Has The Great Unravelling Begun

JarMarket andy hoffman

Andrew Hoffman–Has The Great Unravelling Begun #2318

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We’re Going Into a Dark Age (Panama Orange)

JarMarket random e

“We’re Going Into a Dark Age” – Panama Orange

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Our Private Savings Be Sacrificed to Pay Down the Public Debt (Dan Amerman)

JarMarket random h

Dan Amerman: Will Our Private Savings Be Sacrificed To Pay Down The Public Debt?

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Karen Hudes: How to Stop the Criminal Banking Cartels

JarMarket Karen Hudes

World bank whistleblower Karen Hudes on the criminal banking cartels and how to stop them

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Waiting for $1,000 Gold Price (Jim Rogers)

JarMarket jim rogers 2

JIM ROGERS – Waiting for $1,000 GOLD PRICE Within 1 Year

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Silver, Gold, Market Turbulence, and More (Rick Rule)

JarMarket rick rule

On Wednesday, October 14th, there were widely discussed rumors of a new punitive tax on takeover profits. Selling turned a bit ugly and the Dow fell 96 points by the close (a record point drop at the time). The next day there was no bounce and the Dow fell another 58 points. CLICK HERE NOW TO LISTEN TO THE RICK ...

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Alex Jones Fans the Flames of Ebola

jarmarket s7

Alex Jones fans the flames of Ebola

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Behind the Propaganda: Fed to Launch Historic QE-Infinity (Michael Pento)

jarmarket michael pento

On the heels of a massive rally in the stock market, Michael Pento warns King World News that despite the current rally and increased propaganda, a key event is going to create panic and allow the Fed to launch its final plan of “QE-Infinity.” CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE MICHAEL PENTO INTERVIEW @ KWN NOW Pento: It wasn’t too ...

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Hold On: QE4 is Coming (Peter Schiff)

JarMarket peter schiff 3

Hold On: QE4 is Coming (Peter Schiff)

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Blowing Away The Orwellian Fog (Dave Kranzler)

JarMarket random o

Blowing Away The Orwellian Fog – Dave Kranzler

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